• Crestwood Village, Dothan, AL

About Crestwood Village

Crestwood Village is a inviting community located in the southwestern part of Dothan, Alabama.  It is located on Fortner Street about one-half mile outside the Ross Clark Circle.  Our village has over 200 families who cherish the peace and tranquility of Crestwood.

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What you need to know!

Currently our homeowner dues are $150.00 per year. That breaks down to $12.50 per month. Many of our residents do not understand the value of a Homeowners Association. Our main goal is to protect your property value and insure your neighborhood is well maintained and safe. Your association is responsible for paying the following:

  1. City of Dothan Utilities (street lights and water)
  2. Alabama Power (street lights and front entrance)
  3. Liabilility Insurance
  4. Grounds Maintenance
  5. Website cost
  6. Entrance maintenance
  7. Collection cost
  8. Management fees
  9. Retention pond upkeep
  10. Community signage.

Your Crestwood Village Homeowners Association is now managed by Regency Multifamily Services.Haley Rogers is the Property Manager and can be reached at 334-308-0049 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please contact them for all complaints, covenant violations, collection issues, and architectural committee requests. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please make note your Crestwood Village HOA is not affiliated with the website Crestwood Village Nextdoor Neighbor. It is not monitored by the HOA Board of Directors. If you have an issue than needs attention please send your message to us via this website. You should get a response within 7 days of receipt. Thank you.

Reminder: Keep extra vehicles parked in the driveway and not in the roadway!