• Crestwood Village, Dothan, AL

Attention Homeowners

Please make note your Crestwood Village HOA is not affiliated with the website Crestwood Village Nextdoor Neighbor. It is not monitored by the HOA Board of Directors. If you have an issue than needs attention please send your message to us via this website. You should get a response within 7 days of receipt. Thank you.

Attention Homeowners

If you have been served for nonpayment of your Annual Homeowner Dues that were due on June 1st you can contact Whitney Shepard at Forest and Fields (334-699-8400) for information concerning payment. Forest and Fields manages all the business for the Crestwood Village HOA and responsible for all dues collection.

Walking Trail Update

The Trail is now ready for use. The path has been cleared along the back side of the retention pond and the kudzu has been sprayed. You can enter from both sides. The path is six to eight feet wide and partially shaded. If you walk your pet please use the bags provided at each end of the entrance. Our plans are to maintain this trail for your enjoyment. Please pass the word to our pet owners and encourage its use. We continue to have complaints dog walkers using peoples yards.

Parking Reminder!

Reminder: Keep extra vehicles parked in the driveway and not in the roadway!

Yard of the Month

103 Petersburg is Yard of the Month for September. Congratulations!!

Crestwood Village is a inviting community located in the southwestern part of Dothan, Alabama.  It is located on Fortner Street about one-half mile outside the Ross Clark Circle.  Our village has over 200 families who cherish the peace and tranquility of Crestwood.

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